General Exclusion Endorsement Relating to Pandemics



Dear Broker Partner

We are committed to doing the right thing for all our clients by providing as much clarity as we can on our business, processes and products, and paying all valid claims timeously. As such, we’d like to update you on our response to COVID-19 to date.

Since March 2020, we have been assessing customer claims for any valid cancellation of accommodation over which the guest had no control. During these unprecedented times, the claims have been numerous and to date, we have:



Hospitality COVID-19-specific



1. Settled more than 1,000 claims.

2. Supported more than 300 hospitality customers with premium relief – an initiative that continues into the month of June 2020.


Paid to date: R50 million

Respite efforts:
R3.5 million+



Travel COVID-19-specific



3. Settled more than 1,100 claims.


Paid to date: R17 million+



General commercial and personal lines support



4. Put back in excess of R31.5 million into the pockets of commercial and personal vehicle owners.

5. Afforded relief options in the form of premium discounts/temporary premium suspension amounting to more than R5.6 million to customers in the Jewellery, Fine Art & Specie, Marine and Engineering sectors.

6. Made available concessions to private households


Relief value:

R41.5 million+



7. Raised R4.5 million through salary sacrifices and donations from Bryte and our parent company, Fairfax Financial Holdings



Pandemic Exclusion

In response to some of the queries received relating to the cancellation of accommodationfollowing the general exclusion endorsement for pandemics on our policies from 1 June 2020, we would like to clarify that:

  • Short-term insurance policies were never intended to provide cover for an epidemic or pandemic.
  • The endorsement is an industry-wide undertaking. Reinsurers have expressly communicated that any claims pertaining to a pandemic, cannot be considered.
  • Notifying our customers about the endorsement was – as required – in consultation with the Financial Sector Conduct Authority.
  • We provided the brokers and insureds alike with a lengthy notice period for the endorsement.
  • Where policyholders did not accept the endorsement, we unfortunately had to provide a notice of cancellation due to no other option being available.

Each cancellation of accommodation is a separate claim/event and not a series of cancellations based on one event. Aligned to the general exclusion endorsement for pandemics, any claims for cancellation of accommodation cover prior to 1 June 2020 will be entertained. Any claims submitted with a date of cancellation after 1 June 2020, will by default not be eligible.



BnB Sure Policies

We would like to reaffirm that the Business Interruption section on our policies relates to cover for material damage arising from “defined events” such as fire, flood, etc. For example, if a guest house experiences flood damage which leads to the business’ operations being interrupted, the owner may then have a valid claim under this section of the policy.
The policy also provides cover under “other events” and the policy expressly notes how cover may respond under each, specific event. In terms of the travel ban and lockdown, the “Other event #7: cancellation of accommodation”, as defined in the wording, was triggered to respond.



Claims Processing


We are working hard to prioritise swift claims processing. However, as important as a speedy decision may be, equally critical is ensuring that we adhere to all protocols in relation to claims. This means that Bryte takes the time to evaluate each customer claim individually, based on its merits, and follows a rigorous claims evaluation process. Part of achieving this is our fastidious adherence to the policy wording and the insurance contract, its terms and proper interpretation.

Resolution of a claim is influenced by a number of elements including: the nature of the claim and the process actions it triggers, the efficiency with which the client and/or the broker furnishes the insurer with the relevant documentation to support the claim, the efficacy of the engagement between the loss adjuster (if relevant) and the client, and the complexity of the claim submitted.

Currently, the significant increase in claims volumes for Hospitality and Travel Insurance, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, is also contributing to a delay in the process. In fact, in the last 2 months, we have received as many claims to evaluate as we usually process in an entire year.

While we have quadrupled the size of our claims processing team, the volumes are such that the delays – although reducing every day – are still a reality. Please know that we are working through the claims with due diligence and attention to detail.

To speed up the process, we urge you and your client to please provide all supporting documentation with their initial claim forms. We also encourage customers to please respond to any follow up requests from our loss adjusters and our claims team, timeously.




Escalation Team and Order of Contact

For your convenience, below are the contact details for our claims team.



Level 1


Hospitality Claims Technicians
Nicole Cupido, Petunia Appana, Nikki Kock, Kenny Mohale or Sithembiso Mojola
Telephone: 011 370 9111



Level 2


Hospitality Claims Manager – Precious Gurure
Telephone: 011 370 9996



Level 3


Specialist Claims Manager – Conrad Booyse
Telephone: 011 370 9356



Level 4


Executive – Cloud Saungweme
Telephone: 011 370 9776



Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or your usual Bryte Representative.
Kind regards
Lana Mizen
Head of Hospitality