COVID-19: Client financial support and flexibility
In this difficult time, maintaining cover in key areas such as life insurance and investments, is critical to the wellbeing and security of your clients. We are acutely aware of the challenging and volatile operating and financial environment in which many clients currently find themselves. 
In light of this, we are introducing a range of options aimed at the most vulnerable groups, to provide flexibility and sustainability of cover during the lockdown period. These groups include self-employed individuals, SMEs, professionals and other industries not defined as essential services in the Labour Relations Act, such as travel agents, restaurant owners and event coordinators, among others. Premium relief initiatives are being introduced for Discovery Life, Discovery Insure and Discovery Invest and is intended to support those clients that are faced with financial constraints during the lockdown period. It is recommended that clients discuss any potential changes with their adviser to ensure that the appropriate advice is given based on each client’s personal financial circumstances and needs.

Free home workouts and cooking classes for your clients
Your clients can now get free daily workouts, at home, with the Vitality Home-Workout channel, which is a daily schedule of free high-intensity interval training workouts, yoga, fitness challenges and more for the whole family. Clients can choose from livestreamed workouts with JEFF (Johno’s e-Fitness Faculty) and convenient pre-recorded sessions with amazing trainers from Virgin Active. PLUS, your clients get access to valuable insights from Vitality fitness experts.
With the new Vitality Home-Cooking Channel, your clients will be inspired to cook healthy meals with home cooking demos by Vitality HealthyFood Studio Executive Chef Dereck Nair and Sous Chef Elisheva Williams – plus, surprise masterclass videos with celebrity chefs. Your clients can also look forward to daily ideas for breakfast, lunch and supper, free healthy recipes and top nutrition advice from the Vitality dietitian. Both these platforms are live and can be accessed through the Vitality at Home webpage. Clients should also visit our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages for more health, exercise, and mental wellbeing videos and resources.

Your clients can access secure investments during uncertain times
We offer investors security with an 8.34% yearly return on lump-sum Guaranteed Growth Plan investments of R1 million or more. This is significantly higher than that of all guaranteed plans from competitors

See the guaranteed rates for the week ending 3 April 2020.