Globally, the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting society on many levels. As Discovery, our response is rooted in our core purpose of making people healthier. Our understanding of COVID-19, and the immediate actions needed to protect our clients, employees and business partners, are based firmly on accurate and evidence-based knowledge of the disease, as well as best-practice containment strategies from the World Health Organization. Some of our work here includes a large-scale awareness and informationdrive to help support you better in protecting your health and that of your clients during this time.

We have taken steps to enhance the Discovery Health benefits to support you through this global pandemic, including expanding access to our online doctor consultation platform, DrConnect, and the WHO Global Outbreak Benefit that offers comprehensive cover for COVID-19. For added peace of mind, our life insurance products also offer full cover for COVID-19 claims. It’s especially important to look after your health and wellness at this time and we’ve therefore tailored the Vitality programme to help you adjust and keep healthy during this period. Our products could not be more central to people’s lives than at this time and we are committed to ensuring that they are relevant and live up to the expectations which you, our advisers, have from us.

Having as much knowledge as possible is crucial in this fight to “flatten the curve” and to assist in this process we’ve also enlisted the help of our Vitality ambassadors – and we want to ensure that you, as the trusted financial advisers and an extension of the Discovery family – are also fully equipped. To this end, we have developed a fullCOVID-19 intermediary guide with a range of product information as well as other details of the online and other training which we will be making available to advisers. We will also continue to add to this information on the Discovery Financial Adviser Zone.

We also understand that the current proactive protocols around COVID-19 may affect how you conduct your business and interact with your clients. To support you during this period, we’ve changed some of our processes which will enable you to service your clients and continue writing new business on a fully electronic, digitally enabled basis. See below for more details on this process.

Simply put, there has never in our history been a time when financial advisers have had the potential to add as much value and support to their clients. In the same way, we are here to support you and you have our commitment to do exactly that.