It has been four weeks since we entered into a nation-wide lockdown. Together, we continue to face much uncertainty, as the world we once know turns upside-down. As a society, we are going through a social and economic situation which most of us have not seen before. Words like ‘unprecedented’ and ‘once in a lifetime’ are commonly used in conversations, and in what we read and hear from news and social media. Investors have been taken by surprise by just how widespread the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is on the global economy, as well as on different types of investments and investment markets.

We, as Liberty, are in it with you, as we continue to persevere together during this difficult and uncertain time. We also believe that ongoing communication with you, employers and their employees are crucial at this time and will continue to provide as much information as possible.
Please click here to view a copy of the emailer that we will be sharing with Employers early next week.
Keep well and stay safe.