While the situation around COVID-19 has mostly stabilised, we encourage everyone to remain vigilant and adhere to all the safety protocols to help prevent a second wave of infections.

Until further notice we will continue with our interim solution of treating acute COVID-19 infection (as confirmed by a PCR test) as a defined pay-out on our Complete Income Protection Benefit. However, we will not be making retrospective pay-outs for asymptomatic clients who only found out after the fact, from the results of an antibody test, that they were previously infected.

Click here for an updated communication that clarifies how we approach claims that relate to the COVID-19 outbreak.


If a client qualifies for a claim, based on the guidelines in our attached communication, you can contact the claims department. Contact information is available here.

We remain committed to providing claim certainty to all our clients who fall ill and are unable to work, whether from COVID-19 or any other illness.